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An audit is the highest level of assurance offered on financial statements. Most audits are performed because a lender, government agency or other third party is requiring it. Despite the mandatory requirements of most audits, RFH goes beyond the minimum requirements to provide audit clients with practical and meaningful ideas for improvement.
We employ a risk based approach to our audits, which allows us to tailor our audit program to each client, concentrating on the riskiest areas. We utilize proper planning and communication with each client, prior to starting the audit, to ensure the best approach and timing of each audit engagement. We believe that proper communication and responsiveness is crucial; therefore, during each phase of the audit, clients have access to all levels of the audit team.
The audit team is comprised of various partners and associates assigned based on the size and complexity of the audit work. Our audit team members are highly trained and experts in a variety of industries. We presently perform audits in the following industries:
To learn more about our audit services contact one of our audit team members: