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The RFH peer review team has performed peer reviews since inception.  We are a quality focused team, committed to stay up to date with the latest professional standards.  As your reviewer, we believe in adding value to the process to increase quality and efficiency by sharing our firm’s best practices and insights. 

Our peer review services include:
  • System reviews
  • Engagement reviews
  • Internal inspections assistance
  • Other consultation services
Our team is committed to the peer review process. Members of our team have served on the Kentucky Society of CPAs peer review committee, the AICPA peer review board and oversight task force. To learn more about our peer review services contact one of our peer review team members:
In addition to the above reviewers, RFH has an extensive network of other qualified reviewers that can be utilized during a peer review. This allows each review to get the proper match of industry expertise that is required for the review.

For more information on the peer review program or to examine our peer reviewer resumes go the AICPA website.