Fraud is one of the most prevalent and costly problems facing organizations today.   White collar fraudsters are usually not the shifty-eyed employee you might suspect. They can be the ones who arrive early, stay late, never take a vacation, always get to the mail first, want to know every aspect of the business, are eager to take on additional job responsibilities not in their area, volunteer in the community, and are well liked by fellow employees. They can also be trusted long-term employees or even family members.

Our experienced forensic accountants offer you the advantage of many years of experience as specialists in forensic accounting and fraud investigations. A forensic accountant provides the investigative expertise and an independent report that can be used for possible employment, regulatory, insurance, civil, or criminal proceedings.

The role of our forensic accountants is to gain a detailed understanding of the accounting issues involved, and communicate the findings in an easy-to-understand manner for non-accountants.  

Types of Investigations Include:

  • Employee embezzlement
  • Vendor or customer fraud
  • Contract non-performance
  • Management misconduct
  • Financial statement misrepresentation

We provide a detailed report documenting the methodology, quantifying the loss, and making recommendations to prevent future losses.  The independent report resulting from an investigation can be used for possible employment action, insurance recovery, response to regulatory agencies, as well as civil or criminal proceedings.

For more information on how one of our forensic accountants can help, please any of the following:

Heather R. Cochran, CPA/CGFM

Andrew DeMoss, CPA

Brad Hayes, CPA/CGFM